Where the Root finds the infinite through the Animal insTincT.

Hi, my name is jenni. I welcome you and look forward to learning about what brings U HAPPY Healthy FUN! I am; A woman with many Titles, a few paths tested but A constant SEEKER of The Truth. A few of those titles <SMILE>;

I am A certified Ayurvedic Yoga Guide, also Yin and Hatha yoga Teacher certified

A Reiki Level 2 Practitioner, and animal empath.
I offer online live stream classes, one on one sessions, animal integrated sessions, group sessions and more.

I aspire to create experiences – through Yoga – for humans to connect with the animal within And  Through ALL eyes.

Note: Availability of classes is currently limited by Public Health Orders.
Please contact me to see what is available!

Stay tuned – new services coming soon! Holistic Animal Nutrition

My Story

I LOVE that you R inTeresTed in Animal insTincT YoGa & me – jenni. It’s been a FUN adventure I am Excited to share!

I hope U enjoy tidbits from my journey to living in Peace and Harmony with the animals, self and finding HAPPY, Healthy FUN.



  • These 2 are healing soul mates! With this Interwoven soul connection the work the 2 do together is unbelievable!
    Jenni is amazing. A soul from somewhere full of just pure glowing love. Oki……I can’t explain in words his timeless soul. He’s been a healer for many many life times. Oki is beyond special. 🐾💕
    When you go to them, you’re not just getting an amazing team to tune into your energy. You are getting century’s of wealth of a healing, kindness, and pure unconditional love.
    Love you both so much! 😘

Thank you for visiting my website! In these uncertain times it’s especially important to take steps to take care of yourself.  While there are Public Health Orders that prohibit certain activities, there are still ways that I can support you in your health goals.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me and inquire about the possibilities I have available that might match your needs. I look forward to hearing from you.