Meet jenniG

My spiritual journey started with a BodyTalk practitioner looking at me and telling me that I cannot process diary. She solved a 30 year (my age at the time) constipation problem. WOW


Life PATH forever Changed.

Since then i have explored every “new-age”, Spiritual, hippie, alternative medicine I can find 2 BeE able to solve the other “problems” i had, have or encounter. On my 33rd birthday i was introduced to Ayurveda Yoga.


I felt it in my very core it was the medicine for me – it wasn’t until 2016 that I became a certified Ayurveda Yoga Teacher.

Oki, the Lion Golden Retriever was brought into my life in July 2015. I be.Came a Mom.

Again – Life PATH forever chanGed.

Mr. Pearl, the Cat who I was allergic too came into the family in November 2016. Since he insisted on sleeping on my head, alternative medicine was sought out to heal the problem – ANOTHER Time.

Problem Solved.

MIND. BLOWN. Allergies since I was in Grade 1, GONE.

I then took a Kuantum Leap in 2017 and had a Spontaneous Spiritual awakening, Kundalini Awakening or in Western medicine, a mental health experience labeled A Manic Psychic Episode (more on this on a BLOG/VloG/Book 1 day).