About Jenni

Leader of the Pack

MeE – Jenni

I LOVE that U R interested in Animal insTincT YoGa and, me – Jenni. It’s been a FUN adventure I am Excited to share!

I hope U enjoy this tidbit from my journey to living in Peace and Harmony with the animals, self and finDinG Happy, Healthy FUN with Humans.

My spiritual journey started with a BodyTalk practitioner looking at me and telling me that I cannot process diary. She solved a 30 year (my age at the time) constipation problem. WOW


Life PATH forever Changed.

Since then i have explored every “new-age”, Spiritual, hippie, alternative medicine I can find 2 BeE able to solve the other “problems” i had, have or encounter. On my 33rd birthday i was introduced to Ayurveda Yoga.


I felt it in my very core it was the medicine for me – it wasn’t until 2016 that I became a certified Ayurveda Yoga Teacher.

Oki, the Lion Golden Retriever was brought into my life in July 2015. I be.Came a Mom.

Again – Life PATH forever chanGed.

Mr. Pearl, the Cat who I was allergic too came into the family in November 2016. Since he insisted on sleeping on my head, alternative medicine was sought out to heal the problem – ANOTHER Time.

Problem Solved.

MIND. BLOWN. Allergies since I was in Grade 1, GONE.

I then took a Kuantum Leap in 2017 and had a Spontaneous Spiritual awakening, Kundalini Awakening or in Western medicine, a mental health experience labeled A Manic Psychic Episode (more on this on a BLOG/VloG/Book 1 day). 

This experience was created from a few variables. Some of which were:

  1. In Ayurveda terms – I am a Vata/Pitta Dosha, meaning I become ungrounded or overwhelmed very easily as i am made up of Air and fire predominantly.
  2. In spiritual hippie talk – I am hiGhly empathic Sensitive BeEinG who has learnt (and seen on Liberation Day) that we R All 1.

When I truly FEEL this:

 we R ALL 1 – Just sit with that 4 a moment. Contemplate what that means 2 U.

2 MeE – I am one with the mountains, I am 1 with the Eagle soaring above or the homeless man asking for spare change or the man who inappropriately touched me when I was 6.

  • Feeling this coupled with emotions, energies and thouGhts i do not aliGn with created a very dramatic scene. A day that i am becoming to understand more and more every moment. As, after Libertation Day (July 11, 2017 or 2017.7.11) there has been 2.5 years of numbinG and purposely forGeTTinG as the Western jUdGement is a lot to carry.

I menTion the other sTuff (healing modalities other than yoga) as i brinG these learninGs inTo classes. As a Great Teacher i know said:

 “The paths R many, the destination is 1”

Let’s GRow 2GeTheR & HAVE fun!


The Lion – BrinGinG Us couRaGe

Oki (Technically a Golden Retriever doG)
Okimewiw (The Cree Boss or Chief)
Okimewiw Gladue (Full name just ain’t the Same)

My name is Oki,

Mom says I am the Leader, which I prefer to the boss or chief. Boss?! That doesn’t sound FUN! I guide her in all her best decisions though. We go for long walks in nature, most the time she takes that rope off me and lets me run like the wolf I came from! Other times, mostly when other humans are surrounding, she puts the rope around me and I know she is the leader of the pack.

What might U want to know about me?

I am Pure Love – I LOVE everyone, everything and most everywhere

I am a “Wellness DoG”. Mom and I go into schools, hospitals (even though they aren’t my favorite), I’ll Go to Old Folks homes cause Mom likes to hear their stories and they usually give me lots of yummy treats, we can come 2 U 2!

I am strong and when I NEED 2, I will protect our Tribe or myself.

I LOVE soft, cuddly toys. SO KiDs – keep them close 2 your body, so I know which are mine and which R off limiTs.

 I am a Golden RetrieveR: Apparently we ALL LOVE: Food, Balls, and Fun & Games

Anything Else – JUST ASK! I would love to come and join a Yo.GatherinG U create with my mom! Oh ya – & my smile scares some people Mom says…. SO when I smile I show my pearly white fang teeth!