Find Furry Fur
October 21, 2020

Yes. AGain.

This, Time – TheRe is A….

A deer deer AmaZinG AmiGA who has offered 2.

Give A RewARd . A RewARD!! A Friend is GoinG 2. help MeE, b The WeE, That makes me scream with GLEE!!

4. Furry Furs SAFE return.

in clear English – There is a Reward for Furry Furs Safe return to me, jenniG.

The MuladhARA blessing; from jennisGems furry Fur Diamond PoweR 10.2020 4. U furry Fur Bell Gladue, is;

We HAVE a SAFE Place furry fur,

a place where U SHARE your pURRRR.

This safe place is called hOMe,

WeE no lonGeR need 2. Rome

Please: SHARE THIS. LIKE This. The MORE U enGAGe, The more likely she will come home safe – as that is how FACEBOOK will make more people SEE this!!! Apparently it’s all math. Shitballs!! I was never really very good with numbers!

blessinGs 2 U reading This 4. happy Healthy FUN,

and namaste,


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